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Who is Opinash ?

In 1969, the world met Opinash. Born and raised in Denmark, the producer grew up in.
a generation that emerged in the wake of influence from legends such as Kraftwerk,
Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre, making his musical upbringing ever-apparent in his music.

All his music is released on a global independent digital distribution network to iTunes, Spotify, WiMP, Beatport, Googleplay etc.

2012: May: "Rhea" (Single) First single release
2012: May: "Party Angel" (Single)
2012: June: "Party Angel" (Single)
2012: July: "Blue mountain heights" (Single)
2012: August: "Enceladus" (Single)
2012: September: "Touch" (Single)
2012: October: "Morning breeze" (Single)
2012: November: "Stormbreaker" (Single)

2013: February: "Casual" (Single)
2013: March: "Bright Times" (Single)
2013: May: "The beat" (Single)
2013: July: "Minimal" (Single)
2013: July/August: "Back Home" (Single)

2014: January: "Over the Horizon" (Single)
2014: June: "Shine" (Single)
2014: September: "People having" (Single)
2014: November: "The feeling" (Single)
2014: December: "Basic instinct" (Single)
2014: December: "LiQuid" (Single)

2015: July: "teddy" (Single)
2015: October: "Shanera" (Single)
2015: October: "Eyes closed" (Single)
2015: October: "Happy days" (Single)
2015: November: "Hyperion" (Single)
2015: December: "Impact" (Single)